The Ethereum Improvement Proposal repository

Updated 21 hours ago

Ride The Lightning - A full function web browser app for LND, C-Lightning and Eclair

Updated 4 weeks ago

revamped contract

Updated 7 months ago

Fast Ethereum full-node implementation

Updated 4 months ago

aztec connect repository

Updated 1 week ago

An enterprise-grade Java-based, Apache 2.0 licensed Ethereum client

Updated 10 hours ago

A web tool for converting BIP39 mnemonic codes

Updated 4 months ago

Bitcoin Improvement Proposals

Updated 2 days ago

Bitcoin Core integration/staging tree

Updated 4 hours ago

Blockchain explorer for Ethereum based network and a tool for inspecting and analyzing EVM based blockchains.

Updated 2 hours ago

Accept Bitcoin payments. Free, open-source & self-hosted, Bitcoin payment processor.

Updated 23 hours ago

provides metadata for networkIDs and chainIDs

Updated 3 hours ago

A community maintained list of public Beacon Chain checkpoint sync endpoints

Updated 3 weeks ago

Core Lightning — Lightning Network implementation focusing on spec compliance and performance

Updated 15 hours ago

Ethereum Proof-of-Stake Consensus Specifications

Updated 6 hours ago

DAO Příručka

Updated 2 years ago