Pythonic Smart Contract Language for the EVM
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Vyper compiler security audit competition starts 14th September with $150k worth of bounties. See the competition on CodeHawks and find more details in this blog post.

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Coverage Status Language grade: Python

Getting Started

See Installing Vyper to install vyper. See Tools and Resources for an additional list of framework and tools with vyper support. See Documentation for the documentation and overall design goals of the Vyper language.

See for learning Vyper by building a Pokémon game. See to use Vyper in a hosted jupyter environment!

Note: Vyper is beta software, use with care


See the Vyper documentation for build instructions.

Compiling a contract

To compile a contract, use:

vyper your_file_name.vy

generate bytecode

vyper -f bytecode file-name.vy > file-name.bin

generate abi

vyper -f abi file-name.vy > file-name.abi

There is also an online compiler available you can use to experiment with the language and compile to bytecode and/or IR.

Note: While the vyper version of the online compiler is updated on a regular basis it might be a bit behind the latest version found in the master branch of this repository.

Testing (using pytest)

(Complete installation steps first.)

make dev-init
python test


  • See Issues tab, and feel free to submit your own issues
  • Add PRs if you discover a solution to an existing issue
  • For further discussions and questions, post in Discussions or talk to us on Discord
  • For more information, see Contributing