The Sepolia/Bepolia testnet configuration
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Goerli (2019) | Sepolia (2021) | Holešky (2023)

Sepolia Testnet

The --sepolia cross-client proof-of-authority testnet configuration. Sepolia replaced the sunset Rinkeby and Kovan networks and is the perfect place to test decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM functionality.

Meta data: Sepolia


Meta-data: Bepolia

Bepolia Testnet is the beacon-chain to be merged with the Sepolia testnet.

  • Merge TTD: 17000000000000000
  • GENESIS_FORK_VERSION: 0x90000069
  • Genesis Time: 1655733600 (Jun-20-2022 02:00:00 PM +UTC)
  • Genesis Fork Version: 0x90000069
  • Altair fork epoch: 50
  • Bellatrix fork epoch: 100
  • Capella fork epoch: 56832
  • Fork Digest: 0xa8fee8ee (0xd3010778 pre-genesis fork digest)
  • Initial State Root: 0xfb9afe32150fa39f4b346be2519a67e2a4f5efcd50a1dc192c3f6b3d013d2798
  • Genesis Block Root:
    • Without state root update: 0xeade62f0457b2fdf48e7d3fc4b60736688286be7c7a3ac4c9a16a5e0600bd9e4
    • With state root update: 0xfb9b64fe445f76696407e1e3cc390371edff147bf712db86db6197d4b31ede43
  • Genesis Validators Root: 0xd8ea171f3c94aea21ebc42a1ed61052acf3f9209c00e4efbaaddac09ed9b8078
  • Genesis Validators Count: 1570
  • Eth1 Data:
    • Deposit Root: 0xd70a234731285c6804c2a4f56711ddb8c82c99740f207854891028af34e27e5e
    • Deposit Count: 0
    • Block Hash: 0x491ebac1b7f9c0eb426047a495dc577140cb3e09036cd3f7266eda86b635d9fa

ENR for consensus clients:

# EF bootnode
  - "enr:-Iq4QMCTfIMXnow27baRUb35Q8iiFHSIDBJh6hQM5Axohhf4b6Kr_cOCu0htQ5WvVqKvFgY28893DHAg8gnBAXsAVqmGAX53x8JggmlkgnY0gmlwhLKAlv6Jc2VjcDI1NmsxoQK6S-Cii_KmfFdUJL2TANL3ksaKUnNXvTCv1tLwXs0QgIN1ZHCCIyk"
  - "enr:-KG4QE5OIg5ThTjkzrlVF32WT_-XT14WeJtIz2zoTqLLjQhYAmJlnk4ItSoH41_2x0RX0wTFIe5GgjRzU2u7Q1fN4vADhGV0aDKQqP7o7pAAAHAyAAAAAAAAAIJpZIJ2NIJpcISlFsStiXNlY3AyNTZrMaEC-Rrd_bBZwhKpXzFCrStKp1q_HmGOewxY3KwM8ofAj_ODdGNwgiMog3VkcIIjKA"
# Teku bootnode
    - "enr:-KG4QMJSJ7DHk6v2p-W8zQ3Xv7FfssZ_1E3p2eY6kN13staMObUonAurqyWhODoeY6edXtV8e9eL9RnhgZ9va2SMDRQMhGV0aDKQS-iVMYAAAHD0AQAAAAAAAIJpZIJ2NIJpcIQDhAAhiXNlY3AyNTZrMaEDXBVUZhhmdy1MYor1eGdRJ4vHYghFKDgjyHgt6sJ-IlCDdGNwgiMog3VkcIIjKA"


Run a node, contribute services, and report issues.