The Goerli/Prater testnet configurations.
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Ropsten (2016) | Rinkeby (2017) | Goerli (2019) | Sepolia (2021) | Holešky (2023)

Goerli (Goerlitzer Testnet)

The --goerli cross-client proof-of-authority testnet configuration.

⚠️ Goerli will be deprecated as of January 2023. It will be supported long term for another 12 months. Please consider using Sepolia moving forward.

To learn more about post-merge testnets check out the Ethereum website or this Devcon 6 talk.


Goerli Testnet was the first proof-of-authority cross-client testnet, synching Geth, Nethermind, Hyperledger Besu, and others. This testnet was a community-based project and completely open-source. It was born in September 2018 during ETHBerlin and has been growing in contributors ever since.

The Goerli testnet was merged with the Prater proof-of-stake beacon chain. This marked the end of the permissioned proof-of-authority phase and everyone is now able to run a validator for Goerli. Therefore, this repository contains both Goerli execution-layer and Prater consensus-layer configurations.

Meta data: Goerli

Meta-data: Prater

Prater Testnet (v1.0.1) is the beacon-chain to be merged with the Goerli testnet.

  • Minimum genesis Time: 1614588812 (Mar-01-2021 08:53:32 AM +UTC)
  • Genesis Delay: 1919188 (1616508000, Mar-23-2021 02:00:00 PM +UTC)
  • Genesis Fork Version: 0x00001020 (Prater area code, Vienna)
  • Fork Digest: 0x79df0428 (0xe4be9393 pre-genesis fork digest)
  • Initial State Root: 0x895390e92edc03df7096e9f51e51896e8dbe6e7e838180dadbfd869fdd77a659
  • Genesis Block Root:
    • Without state root update: 0xeade62f0457b2fdf48e7d3fc4b60736688286be7c7a3ac4c9a16a5e0600bd9e4
    • With state root update: 0x8c0ebce425ca04612f8a4c9b3d9b339121a62a8fe2baf8ff2c6f77b81194ee87
  • Genesis Validators Root: 0x043db0d9a83813551ee2f33450d23797757d430911a9320530ad8a0eabc43efb
  • Deposit Contract: 0xff50ed3d0ec03aC01D4C79aAd74928BFF48a7b2b (Goerli Testnet)
  • Deposit Contract Block: 4367322 (0x5ac670562dbf877a45039d65ec3c2e3402a40eda9b1dba931c2376ab7d0927c2)


Run a node and report bugs!