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Blockscout Rust Services

A set of services used by Blockscout blockchain explorer, written in Rust.


  1. smart-contract-verifier - provides API for ethereum contract verification written in Solidity and Vyper

  2. sig-provider - aggregator of ethereum signatures for transactions and events

  3. multichain-search - service for searching transactions, blocks, tokens, etc in all blockscout instances. Contains frontend and backend parts.

  4. visualizer - service for evm visualization such as:

    1. Solidity contract visualization using sol2uml
  5. eth-bytecode-db - Ethereum Bytecode Database. Verifies smart-contracts and searches for the sources via bytecodes


We appreciate your support. Before writing code and submiting pull request, please read contributing instructions.


This project is primarily distributed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE-MIT for details.